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For Readers Age 9 - 12
Grades 4th - 8th

Horns and Wrinkles - Suggested Activities
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Publisher's Description:

Helgerson, Joseph. (2006) Horns and Wrinkles. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. ISBN-10: 0618981780. Publisher originally listed grades 4-6 but more recently grades 5-9, ages 10-14.

Completing a unit centered on the Mississippi river, you can tie in natural science, history & geography, music and reading. This book can be a fun tool that links all these categories together:

Compare these trolls, the old magical lady, and their tricks (such as turning people into salt) to other folk tales from this and other countries. See what themes or similarities you might find!

Consider reading other Mississippi river related books from the National Park Service

On page 18, Clair describes how to get home to Blue Wing, and the authorís Afterword (end of book) gives directions to the town too. Where do you think Blue Wing lies on this map of the Mississippi River? Practice map reading skills! National River and Recreation Area 

How would your students describe how to get home using landmarks? Can they map it?

Integrate the book with your American culture and folk music lessons by singing along to Mississippi river songs provided free by the NPS at

Study the wildlife that thrives long the Mississippi: 

Or try the fun kayak adventure found at to see how the water system works.

Donít forget the food! Check out a cookbook on Southern cooking and snack on Southern treats while reading chapters of the book!

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