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For Readers Age 9 - 12
Grades 4th - 8th

The 39 Clues Book 9: Storm Warning - Suggested Activities
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Suggested Activities

As we near the end of the hunt for the clues, add a few more locations to your map: Cuba, the Bahamas and Jamaica! For contrast, also locate Ireland and the British Isles...see how far this Irish pirate had to go to reach the Caribbean. And you might as well put a marker on Ghana to show the route of the slave trade too! 

Donít overlook the United Nationís Encyclopedia of the Nations as a one-spot stop for information on all these countries.



Start the adventure by orientating yourself with the official website of the Bahamas .

 Yo ho Yo ho a pirateís life for me! Since the book starts out investigating their piracy heritage, weíll start there too! The internet abounds with information on pirates, not all accurate and most intended to sell you something. Professorsí notes can give us a few details about the era in general, and piracy specifically, such as that information is contradictory regarding Anne Bonny and Mary Read  Wikipedia gives a good overview of the three (these two ladies and Captain Jack Rackham) with sounds sources  And then we have the better known pirates...

 What was Captain Kiddís life really like? Yes, although dead for centuries, even he has an official website!  But donít think you need to travel to the Bahamas to look for buried treasure...just head over to the Connecticut River here in the US to start your own treasure hunt! Lotís more cool info on pirates at these sites too!

 Before you start planning your family vacation to Oceanus in the Bahamas, you should know there doesnít appear to be one. But the Oceanus in the story might have been imagined from the Atlantis resort. Danís water slide through a shark tank sure sounds a lot like the Mayan Temple shark lagoon


 Moving on now to Jamaica, you can get acquainted with the Island visiting the library  and then with its heritage  Read about the Nanny of the Maroons and other heroes  As you read about the National Heroes park, you can orient yourself here  and also glimpse into Spanish Town, the oldest inhabited city of Jamaica  Now here is where you track the slave trade from Ghana to Jamaica...follow the quest of the Ashanti


If you are wanting to learn more or trying to make homework fun, check out Factmonsterís pages on Oceans

 And parents or teachers designing a curriculum, take a look at the numerous educational sites regarding world geography  Many links include lesson plans too. 

Last word: Amy and Dan are always have to break codes and solve puzzles. This time the code was to add five letters. So the letter J really stood for the letter O (J + K, L, M, N, O). What kind of code can you come up with? Amy and Dan knew to convert the V as Roman Numeral 5. Take the Roman Numeral challenge and see how you do!

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