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For Readers Age 9 - 12
Grades 4th - 8th

The 39 Clues Book 8: The Emperor's Code - Suggested Activities
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Suggested Activities

Get your map ready so you can add on London, China, Tibet, Nepal and the Caribbean!

The kids start at London Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world.

 Places of Interest:

Whew, Dan and Amy move around so fast, it is hard to keep track of these places! Letís start with a brief overview of China

 The Palace Museum  and The Forbidden City are one in the same. Read about it as well as the Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tian'an men) also mentioned in our story. Remember how the museum was comprised of hall after hall of valuables? The pictures provided by the Chinese government make it much easier for us to imagine the maze Dan encountered! (Be sure to click on the arrows at the bottom of the screen to move onto the next page) You will recognize much of the story in these pages of history! 

Then move onto the official website of The Forbidden City  and view their virtual tour! Imagine yourself in Danís shoes...where would you begin to look for the clue? 

The Great Wall of China is very important in this story too! Take this virtual tour and see if you can find where Amy, Nellie and Saladin located the door! The Crayola crayon company provides a neat activity to build your own Great Wall, along with lesson plans and other ideas too. 

Also in Xiían are the terra cotta soldiers.

 Be sure to include on your map Henan Province, Deng Feng city in the Songshan Mountain Range,   home of the  Shaolin Temple and beautiful Pagoda Forest 

Roll your cursor over this interactive map to see how the kids travel from Beijing to the Shaolin Temple and ultimately to Tibet.


 Speaking of Tibet, a good place to start for everything Tibetan is their official website. Look at their map, and you can easily see Tibet, Nepal and the Lhasa Airport too. What do you recognize from our story?


For a feel of the Himalayan life today, watch short videos from the University of Cambridge.

 Ok, are you finally ready to climb to the top of the world just like Amy and Dan? Check out the Discovery Channelís website. 

Important people and culture

 Emperors played an important part of Chinese history. Our story mentions Qin Shihuang, the first emperor of a ďunitedĒ China. Read the official word on him from the Chinese government.

 Of course, most important to our story is Pu Yi, who also reigned by the name Xuantong. Read his history and compare to our tale.  Did Pu Yi really have a British tutor? Find out! And then look at his photograph and car!  

While you are at it, check out the history of the word emperor as well as the list of emperors throughout Chinese history. Create your own trivia game and form teams to compete to see which team knows the emperors. Or see how many different names for emperors can be used in a paragraph. Another fun idea is for every student in the class to choose one of the names for emperor, and be emperor for a day! 

Studying Kung Fu under the real Shaolin masters was almost too much for Dan to imagine! Did a 5th century monk really create Kung Fu? Visit the Shaolin Temple and find out for yourself!

 Want to learn how to count in Chinese?Turn on your sound and practice! There are many more games to be played to learn Chinese too.  

Science & nature:

 What is rock climbing? Watch the videos to find out! 

Yakity yak, donít talk back! No that isnít the yak spoken of in our story. Our yak is actually an important part of the Himalayan existence.

 Silk worm larva of bombyx moth was mentioned in our story. China is famous for its elegant silk. 

...and finally... 

How do helicopters fly?   Or to find out more about flight, visit the museum of flight .


(For more suggested reading, visit our




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