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Welcome to Litland.comís book reviews! On this page we will introduce you to both new and treasured book titles and authors whose work can be one of your tools in the character education of your child or student. With 2000-3000 childrenís books published every month, it is difficult to narrow this down to just a few!

We first look to books geared at the middle or high school reader. Our desire is to find newly released or Indie books with which you might not yet be familiar. For most series, we will likely just review the first book of the series so you can determine your interest in it, and leave the remainder of the series to the family to review. It is our intention that the content of our reviews be appropriate for most readers age 8 and above. However, do note that reviews for books will identify elements for parental awareness, and we recommend younger readers use this site with their parent. It is our hope that families will establish their own ďfamily book clubĒ, finding books that members of all ages can enjoy together. Our reviews and recommended book buys just might help you choose a few of those books.

Publishers, book sellers and libraries have their own classifications of recommended age and grade levels. We have found that these vary drastically within their own system (i.e. a book initially recommended for ages 9-12 is now recommended ages 5-8). Another new phenomena is the elimination of middle school, tween and teen categories, with a movement to classify books either as children/young readers, or young adults (ages 10+). More discussion on this can be found under our Parents and Teachers page. However, Litland.comís classification will focus on readers approximately age 9-14 as middle-school and tween-aged, looking for plots where characters deal with problems appropriately. Separately, we will review books for teens age 14+ in which characters deal with life issues.

Occasionally we run into a popular book that may not clearly fit our character-formation model but is included in school reading programs, marketed heavily to the child and teacher, or otherwise might be of interest. These might necessitate the parent and child deciding together whether it should be read, and we will indicate so whenever possible.

Letís begin! Click on an age category which will link you to its reading list. From there, you can find the publisherís description of the book, our reviews and more detailed thoughts, and suggestions for related curriculum activities to make reading fun!

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