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For Readers Age 10-14
Grades 6th - 10th

The Myths of Dymos: Power of Vedion - Suggested Activities
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Publisher's Description:

Glenn, David. (2010). The Myths of Dymos: Power of Vedion. Tate Publishing. ISBN-10: 1616632577. Litland recommends age 10-14 but content appropriate for all ages.

Our story mixes visions of paleontology with mythology in a fictional dark-ages setting of another world co-existing with our own. Classroom and homeschool teachers can use such stories to thematically bond science, history and literature curriculum, enriching the learning of both. A natural starting point is... of course! Our resources pages gives numerous links to helpful sites . Scroll down and take a look...perhaps start with the sites on mythology, finding pictures and explanations for myths that you can compare to the characters of the story. 

Tying in history as part of your social studies curriculum... 

The Dark ages, middle ages, medieval times...all describe a similar time period in which feudalism and chivalry ruled after the collapse of the Roman empire. Find out more about this time of British history at the British Library online (also from’s resources page) . Check out the videos and pictures of town life, rural life, monsters and more to compare with details in our story.  

Then move onto the paleontological side of the story. Again the British Library has materials that can be sorted through for your purposes: . Scroll down the list; you’ll find pictures in a gallery, books for all ages of children, historical information for students, and higher level journal articles for the college-prep crowd.

Elsewhere, Pre-K lessons can be found at PBS’ Dinosaur Train . Younger readers might enjoy the simple information found on Thinkquest  . A sample lesson plan for grades 6-8 available at . Older students will find more precise information at Dinosauria On-Line...don’t let its cryptic graphics fool you. Students will find very detailed information such as a lengthy list of all dinosaur names at

 A neat site for all ages is Check out the megalosaurus information as an example:  It is part of the “kids know it network” which provides great resources in all areas of interest. However, that site is littered with advertisements so help your child to maneuver it.

By now the students will be hungry, so perhaps check out what people ate in those times! Prepare a feast for home or class:

(Be sure to read our criteria review against character education guidelines in the 10-14 age group and our commentary on the Blog !)


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