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 The Blossom Kingdom:  Blossom Wins the Prize

A Lesson from Life series book…


Discussion Aid

Once upon a time, in a small village by the bay, lived a Queen and her kingdom. This was not just any queen, however. This Queen was a Yorkshire Terrier dog, Blossom, who had difficulty understanding that she wasn’t human... 

Blossom is an elderly dog trying to maintain her dignity as she deals with losing her health and mental abilities from aging. Below are just a few pointers to engage readers in a classroom or home discussion  on character-forming points:  

  • Does Blossom remind you of anyone you know? A grandparent or elderly neighbor perhaps? How are they similar? How are they different? [understanding differences]

  • What does Blossom struggle with (poor eyesight, sore legs—must be carried) ? And what clues were in the story that pointed to her struggles (How do you know this?) [respect for self or others: perseverance]

  • Because Blossom is old and wise, she assumes others will treat her with respect. Can you give an example of how you can show an adult respect?  [respect for authority]

  • Blossom is keen on dignified behaviour, that is, acting with dignity in public. She feels this is important. What do you think this means? What are some examples you can give of your own dignified behaviour? [aesthetics]

  • When Blossom was young, she was taught to respect her body and appearance by dressing appropriately before leaving her home. Do you ever dress for certain occasions? (bedtime, school, church, playtime). [respect for self; aesthetics]

  • Blossom admits that, when she was young, she didn’t always like having to do what she was told (such as being dressed up in clothes). But she now knows how important it was for her to learn those habits. What are some habits you are glad you learned, even though you might have grumbled and complained about them at first? Why are those good habits? [Respect for authority]

  • The younger dogs and people often do not behave as Blossom expects them to. How do you think they should behave? How should they react to Blossom? (respect for elders) [Respect for authority]

  • How does Blossom show loyalty to her Mommy and her “kingdom” (community)? (Cautious to protect Mommy when crossing street, polices streets to ensure everyone is safe) [citizenship: loyalty to family and community]





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