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Who is LLC, is a Washington State Limited Liability Corporation

What is’s purpose? promotes good citizenship and family unity by illuminating literature that supports character formation of the child.

Supporting a child’s love of reading and the desire of parents and teachers to guide them in making good choices, endeavors to highlight literature for children and young adults that exemplifies good character and promotes virtuous behaviour. This is accomplished by providing reviews of both recent releases and classic tales demonstrating this in the people or plot of the story. Trusting in to only suggest books that are generally acceptable by readers of all faiths and cultures, readers will also find suggestions in the bookstore for a “quick grab” when looking for a good read. While primarily reviewing fiction, non-fiction books will be listed if we feel you may find the book of great interest. Every effort is made to locate Indie books that may not be readily available in the school or public library.

This site is intended for use by children and adults alike. We recognize books written for teenagers deal with sensitive issues not intended for younger readers. While we make every attempt to present those book reviews in an all-ages format, parents should direct their children to the pages appropriate for their age level.

It is our desire to promote family reading hour, a time set aside each evening for families to read together. We also suggest families form a book club, reading and discussing a book together, and that children form their own book clubs with their friends. Our book reviews and store are established with this in mind.

How are books chosen for this site?

Books are reviewed using a criteria that encapsulates the wisdom of Greek and Roman philosophers matched to the practical character education guidelines provided by the U.S. Dept. of Education. Additional depth of criteria is gained from academic research into learning, psychological and moral development. Organizations respected for their related knowledge such as the Josephine Institute of Ethics, the Ethics Resource Center All Kinds of Minds , ASCD, National Center for Youth Issues , and others are relied upon as well. After applying this criteria, books that demonstrate sufficient aspects of good character are then included on the site.

Again, our purpose is not to review all children’s books as they release. Rather, it is to highlight excellent books, both old and new.

What is special about this site?

Perhaps what is most favorable is that which is missing. Your family or classroom can navigate this site without being inundated by advertisements. Any links to external websites are inspected to minimize a child's unintended exposure or access to content not meeting our criteria for good character.

Items in our bookstore are handpicked by us, not This ensures the books meet our criteria, and saves you time from searching endless lists and websites. When possible, we provide comments about the item to aid in your use. The homeschool and teaching section provides materials and books to supplement curriculums already in use, with notes to connect books across age groups. New additions are usually placed at the beginning of the category.

This site also saves the parent and teacher time. The Internet holds millions of websites, many of which provide links to sites with the best of intentions. However, hours can be spent clicking on links that are no longer active, or are disappointing in content. provides some of the best family-friendly web resources so that readers, parents and teachers can jump right into investigating aspects of their favorite stories or creating fun activities.

Providing commentary on our blog allows you to join in the discussion or ask questions about a particular book. The blog is moderated to ensure posts are appropriate for all ages.

Who pays for all of this?

Links to booksellers provides readers with immediate access to purchase their next book while also supporting this site financially. In that way, this public service can remain viable and sustainable free of charge. Check our all of our book listings in the bookstore.

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